Wildflower Season

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One of the things that makes spring my favourite season (it's a tie between spring and fall, to be honest) is the burst of new life. At the moment, with many areas still snow bound by a late and unexpected snowfall, the spring growths that had got an early start have been beaten down. In the lower elevations, some of the later spring flowers are blooming with abundance.

Yesterday I took my jet lagged troopers of parents to Barrier Lake and Prairie View lookout. We saw Blue Clematis creeping and crawling over anything it could, dandelions galore, and orchids! The orchids were simply stunning – some had been damaged but the snow but others stood tall with their colours bright.

Today we headed an hour West as opposed to an hour East, and the micro climate of the little Yoho Valley. Emerald Lake was gorgeous as always, and we climbed right up into Yoho Pass and Yoho Lake, which still had some ice on it. Yellow Avalanche Lillies, Alpine Springbeauty, Violets and Greenflowered Wintergreen lined the path. I was amazed at how many were in bloom already, and I'm looking forward to going back and seeing those that were just budding. Alpine Flower season is starting!

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