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In my last blog post I mentioned that some changes are coming to GuideMe, "Phase 2", if you will.

Well, next week brings with it the launch of our brand new, revamped website with additional features!

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect:


Searchable tours

Are you looking for something specific? A women's only backpacking trip perhaps, or an introduction to orientation in the mountains, or mindful practices in the mountains?  Choose from our new drop-down menus to find something that suits you or your group

Route information and descriptions

Do you have a particular hike in mind?  Check out the map to find it or browse other hikes in the same location.  Then, click on it to find out more information or book a hiking guide for this destination.


Hike details

With distances, elevations and route descriptions, we will continue to add and develop this feature complete with updated photos for trail conditions and a sneak preview of the  jaw dropping vistas you can expect to see!

To continue growing and developing this database, we're also on the hunt for local guides who want to collaborate on this project.  Do you know someone who would be a great contributor and ambassador?  Send them a link and get in touch!  Through GuideMe they can get help with some or all of the below:

  • Scheduled tour promotion
  • Private trip planning
Healy Pass by Anna Powell @AnnasBanff
  • Blog posts & content writing
  • Social media posts or takeovers
  • Network and cultural development
  • Administrative assistance

We are SO EXCITED to bring you these updates, keep an eye on our social for the official release, and feel free to send us thoughts, comments, feedback, constructive criticism, good vibes or just say hi in the comments below!

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