This week’s FEATURED TOUR Brought to you courtesy of Cycling 101! HIGH ROCKIES MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURE A Truly Amazing Mountain Bike Adventure! If you’re looking to improve your mountain bike skills under the expert tutelage of one of Cycling 101’s … Read More

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Happy Ladies after hike

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Jenolan Caves – they didn’t grow overnight! Since arriving in Australia I was advised time and again to make sure I visited the Jenolan Caves and, on Sunday, I finally made the trip. The drive out from Emu Plains is … Read More

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Following the craziness of Canada Day in Banff, I spent the last 2 weekends getting away from the crowds with some great friends.  Firstly down in Invermere, we went biking and swimming in lakes for a friend’s birthday.  These lakes … Read More

Winter is now here with vengeance… it’s something like -28 here this morning so I am hibernating; watching ski movies and planning some adventures for the rest of the winter. Some guests are arriving for a ski vacation on Friday, … Read More