Castle mountain

At this time anything other than essential or unavoidable travel into Canada is not permitted, and travel within different provinces is also not allowed for recreational and leisure purposes.  This summer we will be offering guided hikes only to those … Read More

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UPDATE! There will be an additional showing in CANMORE on April 6th.  Tickets here. The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival is one of my favourite things about living in Banff.  Imagine my joy when I discovered that there was … Read More

Hi! So… I haven’t blogged in a while.  What’s up with that?! Sorry to any dedicated readers out there, pining for a new update from beautiful Banff National Park! 2018 has been a busy old year.  Getting new contracts in … Read More

As the year 2017 draws to a close I’m taking a pause from the #150for150 and taking an indulgent look back at the most incredible year of adventuring. From Assinniboine to the Wapta and everything in between, here’s a quick … Read More

There are some weeks that the global situation feels very close, very real and very scary.  This week was one of them, and it makes me recognise how fortunate I am to live in a community where I feel safe … Read More

It’s been a fun and busy couple of weeks in Banff – I missed last week’s #150for150 as I was away in Assinniboine. For my birthday this year some friends and colleagues bought me a flight in to Assinniboine Lodge, … Read More

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Most mountain tops are now clear from snow… which can only mean one thing! It’s summit season! Each time I check a hike off the list I think I add two or three more (this can be extrapolated to all … Read More

Following the craziness of Canada Day in Banff, I spent the last 2 weekends getting away from the crowds with some great friends.  Firstly down in Invermere, we went biking and swimming in lakes for a friend’s birthday.  These lakes … Read More