There are some weeks that the global situation feels very close, very real and very scary.  This week was one of them, and it makes me recognise how fortunate I am to live in a community where I feel safe … Read More

I’ve already covered ptarmigan and marmot, but I felt wildlife deserved their own dedicated page (and I ran into a grizzly.. not literally.. at the weekend, and bear 148 was shot by a hunter in BC *sad face* so it’s a wildlife-y week). … Read More

harvey pass

Most mountain tops are now clear from snow… which can only mean one thing! It’s summit season! Each time I check a hike off the list I think I add two or three more (this can be extrapolated to all … Read More

In case you hadn’t heard, Canada reached a milestone this year and on July 1st the country erupted in celebrations as it turned 150 years young!  As one TV pundit said – you can tell a country is young when … Read More

Donna & Lucy Helicopter - photo by Anna Powell

One of the things I love THE MOST about living in this town is sharing it with other people. The excitement, joy and overwhelming awe on people’s faces is mirrored in my own. When I collected Donna and Lucy from … Read More