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Autumn has arrived, and it appeared over night! Whilst out Stand Up Paddle boarding the other day (SUP for short!), courtesy of a lunch time programme booked by E=MC², the Centre for Business Excellence, we all looked around, amazed at the number of trees changing colours. Once you notice it, you can’t un-notice. For many, this signals the dying end of the warm summer days, of nights shortening and winter coming. This, to me, is by far my favourite time of year. I love the pace of change, of nature responding to the shorter days and preparing itself for winter.

Bears are entering a state of hyperphagia, a frenzied eating of anything they can lay their hands on in readyness for hibernation. I feel much the same, a desire to snuggle down in blankets and devour copious amounts of hot chocolate. It’s also a wonderful time to be out adventuring and exploring. Every day the fall colours show something new, the angle of the sun has changed, hitting mountain features in a different light, and the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular.

Great day to get out of the office for some #standuppaddling on Canmore Reservoir. Thanks to E=Mc2 for booking a great event and to @bowvalleysup for hosting. It was my pleasure to arrange, I look forward to planning more!
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I have arranged a few lunch time adventures for E=MC² this summer. They approached me at the beginning of the summer requesting some suggestions for activities to take them outside of the office during their lunchbox lectures. They ususally bring in guest speakers or run workshops for entrepreneurs on such topics as improving your productivity or marketing strategies for business success. With the warm summer weather and beautiful sunny days, the desire to be outside is overwhelming! Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, “Stand-up paddleboarding has become the ‘it’ water sport.” partly because it is so accessible but also for its wealth of health benefits

We found this to be true. I had been once, last year, with the same company and I was pleased to recommend @BowValleySUP for E=MC² and their lunch box lecture. One of the attendees had been out before as well, and there were a couple of people brand new to the sport. Brandon had us all up and standing in no time, and we were soon paddling up the Canmore reservoir, marveling at the beauty of the mountains. All attendees were lucky enough to live in this beautiful mountain town, but it’s still really special when you are able to get out and immerse yourself in the mountains in a different and challenging way.

Once up into the calm and peaceful channel, some of us played around with an extension to stand up paddle-boarding; SUP yoga! The whole workout for SUPping is in core strength and balance, so to enhance that by attempting yoga on a floating board is even more of a challenge! One likely to get you wet. Not recommended on a cooler day, but with the warm sun to dry you off not such a problem. All in all, SUP was a fantastic way to spend a lunch hour, and hopefully the E=MC² crew will be out again next year. Meanwhile, I’m off to go get excited about fall and the spectacular colour changes!

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