So I’ve taken up running.


Good question.
It’s not much fun, it hurts legs, lungs and shoulders (weirdly) BUT I just drew up a list of pros and cons and the pros heavily outweigh the cons. For the most part, I run because its something I can do daily that enables me to enjoy my other outdoor pursuits significantly more.

I first got in to running a couple of years ago. By “got into” I meant that I went for a 3-5km slog every few days and felt like a better person because of it. I used it as an excuse to eat and drink more. I did a colour run and that was fun and it made me feel fit, but I still couldn’t keep up with others on our mountain adventures.

Last year I entered Mel’s road race which pushed me to run 10km, a distance I never in a million years thought I would run! As I trained for it (all hail the Nike+ running app) and my km times came down I set myself the target of running it sub-1 hour. In the week leading up to the run I did my first 10km and it took me an hour and 10, I was never going to reach my target.

There’s something about running in a swarm of people that spurs you along, a collective energy that swells inside you and pushes you along. Looking over you catch the eye of a fellow struggler and, unspoken, each give the other strength to just keep going. I just squeaked in under the 60 minute mark, which in hindsight I am supremely proud of! I’m not one for details so I couldn’t tell you what it was to the minute, but suffice to say those glowing red numbers had not pushed past 60. Hurrah!

Next level: I’ve signed myself up to run a relay from Banff to Jasper with my colleagues. By participating as a team my inner competitor will not allow me to do anything other than my absolute best. I ran 13km the other day. 13km!! For fun! I think. I didn’t keel over, and I could walk the next day. I had a hunch I would do it, and kept giving myself “outs’ if necessary. The final 4km were absolute killer, I stopped and walked many times but I made it the full distance. I still have a few weeks of training to get the remaining 3km under my belt, and I confess I haven’t been out as frequently but I know I will pick it up again.

I am constantly inspired by the people I am surrounded with in the Bow Valley. I have good friends who think nothing of a casual trail run up a mountain (or a few it’s a particularly busy day!) I’m not saying that everyone should get out and run up a mountain tomorrow, but I do know that there are places you can run if you want to push yourself, train for a run or simply go out and enjoy the mountains with your friends.

The pictures on this blog are from one of my friends who constantly inspires me. You can catch up on all her wild adventures here: