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One On One Photography Workshops

From Lake Louise to Mt Rundle, Banff National Park is home to some of Canada’s most photogenic landscapes.

While it’s easy to feel inspired by the Canadian Rockies and the images that likely inspired your visit, it’s always difficult to plan your own landscape shoot in unfamiliar locations. Learning how light and weather interact with the local landscape takes years, which is why Jeff Bartlett is excited to offer these one-on-one photography workshops in Banff and Yoho National Park. With nearly a decade experience photographing the Canadian Rockies, he promises to use his intimate knowledge of this landscape to help you capture the best possible images during your visit.

These tours aren’t scripted. They’re flexible so that you’re always photographing the best landscapes in the best available light. Throughout it all, you'll discuss camera controls and photography techniques to give you new skills that you can take with you on future photography shoots.

Tours are also suitable for any ability level. If you’re just beginning to explore photography, we’ll make sure you not only capture stronger images but also start to truly understand your camera gear. For more advanced photographers, you’ll focus on improving field techniques like selecting compositions and working creatively with natural light. No matter your level, you’ll see some of the Canadian Rockies best scenery. Each tour will include multiple locations, balanced between the iconic scenes and local spots few visitors have the opportunity to photograph.

Canmore from above

“The workshop was well organized with many concepts and examples presented that helped me improve my photography beyond what I am doing now. Needless to say, this was an outstanding travel photography workshop.”

Ruben Rodz, former participant

What you need to bring:

Camera – While it truly doesn’t matter if you bring the latest mirrorless camera or an iPhone, Jeff recommend either a mirrorless camera or dSLR.

Lenses – Whenever possible, Jeff recommend a wide angle lens and a telephoto. His go-to travel combo is always the 16-35mm and 70-200mm lenses.

Tripod – Essential for low light photography, bring a tripod that’s small enough you’ll carry it around but large enough that it’ll support your camera.

Filters – Although they’re far from necessary, both ND and graduated ND filters are excellent tools to carry.

Spare batteries – It’s always important to carry a backup battery, especially in the winter when cold temperatures drastically reduce battery life.

Memory Cards – We’re going to some of the Rockies’ most iconic landscapes, so make sure to bring enough memory cards to capture images along the way!

This workshop is running starting at $250.00 per person

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“Jeff is a natural teacher. He is relaxed and easygoing, with a keen eye for his student’s strengths and weaknesses and a willingness to put himself second and their experience first.”
Kita Roberts, return participant

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