Difficulty: Easy Type: Group Duration: 1 Day
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map and compass
Learn how to be independent! No need to follow your partner, they're just pretending they know where they are going anyway!
Join us outside for a day of getting un-lost. Learn how to orientate a map to the terrain around you, how to use a compass for something other than putting in your contacts, and tricks to figuring out your location on a map without a GPS.

By the end of the day you'll be able to find north without a compass (or GPS), match the terrain around you to the map, use a compass to orientate the map to north, and tell your friends what the squiggly lines on a topo map mean!!! Phew, that is a lot to cover, but are we ever going to have fun!

  • Meet the group inside Elevation Place in Canmore, AB at 8:30am. Closer to the date, carpools may be coordinated if needed!
  • We will meet the group, fill out waivers, and head out to the trailhead. Here we will spend some time learning the basics of a map and compass before heading on the trail.
  • Throughout the day new skills will be learned as the group navigates the way. Get ready for a day of doing and seeing!
  • Pricing Name
    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Adult
    Start Saturday April 6, 2019
    End Tuesday December 10, 2019
    1Pax - No size limit
  • Pricing Name Adult
    Start Sunday June 9, 2019
    End Tuesday December 10, 2019
    1Pax - No size limit
  • Pricing Name Adult
    Start Saturday September 14, 2019
    End Tuesday December 10, 2019
    1Pax - No size limit


The wide open spaces found in wild places have always left Jenna feeling full of energy. From a young age she appreciated the feeling of moving her body and the satisfaction that came from self propelled activities. Always in search of an adventure she can be found anywhere but indoors!

Currently, she resides in Canmore, AB, balancing guiding and working as a physiotherapist. Hiking and backpacking fill her summer months and snowshoeing takes over in the winter. The majority of her work consists of private guiding, however hiking and backpacking trips are also provided to help you prepare to tackle the trail on your own.


ACMG Hiking Guide
Certified by the Interpretative Guide Association
Advanced Wilderness First Aid with CPR
Registered Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Kinesiology in Exercise and Health Physiology

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