Rundle Horn by Mike Smallwood

Like millions of people around the world, I have been somewhat glued to the Olympics this past week. I was excited to learn last weekend that rock climbing has been included in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Banff, Canmore, Lake … Read More

Our only team handoff! Bri to Eva, photo by Anna Powell @AnnasBanff

Running: Part 2 A few weeks ago I wrote about my running training in preparation for the Banff – Jasper relay I had signed up to run with my colleagues. I had signed up for the 16.1km leg #12, the … Read More

So I’ve taken up running. Why? Good question. It’s not much fun, it hurts legs, lungs and shoulders (weirdly) BUT I just drew up a list of pros and cons and the pros heavily outweigh the cons. For the most … Read More

Hey! I’m Anna, creator and owner of GuideMe Banff. It’s a new venture for me, but I’ve been introducing people to the Rockies for years! I want to show you the best Banff has to offer, and that’s going to … Read More