SkiMo crew - photo by Kylee Ohler

Thursday evening the Alpine Club of Canada’s HQ in Canmore was filled with laughter and lively stories. We gathered in the spirit of camaraderie to raise money for Michelle Katchur Roberts’ campaign to compete in World Championships in Italy this … Read More

Our only team handoff! Bri to Eva, photo by Anna Powell @AnnasBanff

Running: Part 2 A few weeks ago I wrote about my running training in preparation for the Banff – Jasper relay I had signed up to run with my colleagues. I had signed up for the 16.1km leg #12, the … Read More

So I’ve taken up running. Why? Good question. It’s not much fun, it hurts legs, lungs and shoulders (weirdly) BUT I just drew up a list of pros and cons and the pros heavily outweigh the cons. For the most … Read More