So I’ve taken up running. Why? Good question. It’s not much fun, it hurts legs, lungs and shoulders (weirdly) BUT I just drew up a list of pros and cons and the pros heavily outweigh the cons. For the most … Read More

Lake Minnewanka from Aylmer Lookout - photo by Anna Powell @AnnasBanff

Mount Aylmer

I’m reading “The Golden Spruce” by John Vaillant at the moment. Whilst I was away, I read this passage comparing humans and trees and their constant battle to reach higher and live longer. It culminated in: “Simply by daring to … Read More


Springtime in the Rockies It’s the first day of May, and it should still be ski season! Many of the resorts are still open and you can catch glimpses of fresh lines in the backcountry from time to time, but … Read More


Hey! I’m Anna, creator and owner of GuideMe Banff. It’s a new venture for me, but I’ve been introducing people to the Rockies for years! I want to show you the best Banff has to offer, and that’s going to … Read More