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Explore the Rockies at the pace that suits you.  Choose from a range of activities to match your needs and what you enjoy doing. Experience the trip of a lifetime and let us organise all the details. If you are looking for something more, allow us to craft a custom tour that suits your travel needs!
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  • Custom tours, from a couple of hours of hiking through to multi- sport, multi-day epic adventures
  • Small family or friend groups, through to large school trips or corporate retreats.  If you're looking for adventure, we're your people!
  • Activity only - you've got your hotel and transportation booked, you just need help with what to do.  Check out our tour finder here to search for something that suits you perfectly
  • Full tour services, from airport to airport.  We plan, book and manage tours from start to finish, taking all the stress out of your vacation


Allow us to create a custom or private tour that hits all the right spots.

Why Guide Me Banff?

Customized Tour to Fit You

From the moment you get in touch, you’ll be working with one of our trip leaders who live in Banff.  When you arrive, you won’t be a part of a larger tour group but will have a detailed itinerary laid out just for you with our friendly staff available for the duration of your trip to give you extra insight, answer your questions, and respond to your calls whenever needed.  Think of it like a rep from a larger tour company, but they’re dedicated to you throughout your trip.

Small Local Team

You'll already have spoken to the people who will be guiding you during your trip before you even get here. They will know you and what you are looking for.

Year - round adventures

Our tours run throughout the year, bringing you to the most memorable places in Banff. Each day gives you a balance of guided touring and opportunities to explore on you own. Let us know what piques your interest!

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